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Rachel. Teacher. Trying to be continuously positive. Lover of Jesus, history, literature, writing, disney, giraffes, captain america, and all things adventurous. I am creative and I have an appreciation for a random assortment of things. I AGAPE Jesus, and I love life. <333

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"if i was going on a date, who be the better date: captain america or thor?"

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Today, at old navy, I experienced sadness and…adventure? 

I need more clothes for school, especially work pants. I had to try on a size bigger than I have been, and I look horrendous in pants that aren’t stretchy, and my legs are too short for regular pants, and yeah. I need to get that under control. Or course, I bought tops and cardigans, no pants. Not even a skirt.

On the other hand, I met a boy there (don’t get too excited, I don’t know how else to say that). This is the old navy I used to work at part time, and so even though I knew the whole spiel, I let him talk to me about a credit card. It was adorable. I don’t know how it happened but we ended up talking about history, politics, and religion next to a stack of cropped cardigans he kept folding and organizing over and over again as he apologized for talking too much. He thanked me for being a teacher and I think we talked for like an hour. He’s originally from Wisconsin and goes to a Christian school there. I let him have credit for my onc (even though I wasn’t approved, improving your credit is hard). And he gave me his number so I can contact him about attending his church since I’m looking for a new one. He’s adorable, but he’s twenty, so there is no way I’m trying to think about that in any other way except as someone God is using to lead me to a church to try out.

Anyway, it got me thinking. I’ve been having a rough time this summer, really since my pastor left the church and I followed. With my dad’s stroke, my mom moving out of my childhood home, a loss of a friendship, my brothers being something less than brothers. I can make more new friends and start a new phase in my life.

Anyway, big day tomorrow. I’m moving into my new apartment with no guys to help. Just my one friend. And some other girls. But I think the one friend is the only one strong enough. So I’ll be really tired tomorrow.

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This is the best surprise audio post I’ve ever seen/heard.

This made me feel so nostalgic

I saw the gif and pressed reblog then play, childhood.

reminds me of ice age. ahhh childhood

School secretary sent me an email letting me know that she was ordering the nameplate for my door but needed to know if I was a Ms. or a Mrs. 





Oh honey, I haven’t found a man that can put up with my crazy antics yet.

My door sign originally said Mrs. and had to be changed. At least they asked! Haha.

My last name sounds better as Mrs. rather than Ms. I’ve given up making the kids correct themselves. I just get confused because Mrs. C is my mom!

Any time I’m asked if I’m Ms. or Mrs. I just want to laugh forever and ever and ever. I’m in a committed relationship with pizza.

Everyone is Ms. at my school. The only ones who aren’t, are Mr. Or Dr.





and I want to be better about this next school year.

This is cool.  I make myself a large salad on Sundays that I split into five containers for each weekday so I have no excuse.

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First images released for ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

I just want to remind everyone that, just because someone treats you badly, doesn’t mean you are a bad person or deserve that treatment. 

I’m watching my brothers house and I wanted to do a load of laundry since I just came back from being in Florida with my dad and with my mom. No laundry soap, and mine is in storage somewhere, so I went out and bought some.

Tonight my sister-in-law’s iPad was making a lot of noise and I went over to turn it off, and when I did, the messages opened. I saw my name in a conversation with a neighbor so naturally I opened it. Turns out, my sister in law hid the laundry soap so that I couldn’t use it on her dime or put wear and tear on her machines. I promise you, I have done maybe six loads in the year I have been living on my own.

I have been through hell living with and dealing with my brother and his wife these past three years. This event, on top of other recent experiences with other people has forced me to realize I need to take care of me. I am done allowing people to use me and abuse me. Just because I can handle it better, doesn’t mean I deserve it.

And just because I enjoy being passive aggressive, I am going to do all of my brothers family’s laundry and then leave the laundry soap with them. I am going to text my sister-in-law and say, “I noticed you were out of laundry soap, I got you more and did the pile of laundry in the bedroom. Hope it wasn’t too much wear and tear on your machines.” Or do any of you have something better to add?

I am so done.

Star Wars Costumes | Padmé’s Wedding Gown

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